Community Development for Indonesia Agriculture and Commodities

Who We Are

Codiac is a Consulting Company affilate with which focusing on Community Development for Indonesia Agriculture and Commodities. Our business model is a Partnerships and Empowerment which aim is to provide the biggest advantage for all stake holder involved. Supported by professional and highly experience team in the field, we are bridging and combining our knowledge in community development with technology and market. There will be no limit on the product we are offering. Our products portfolio is always 'work in progress'.

We are : “The Next Level of Community Development“

Our Vision

Community Empowerment for Rural Development by Improving Commodities Value

Our Mission

1. Building Best quality consulting services
2. Giving an Impact to all stake Holder Involved
3. Optimizing the Community Program with Technology
4. Giving Reliable Data and Information (Data Management System)
5. Engage with a Rreliable High Quality Human Resources
6. Enrich the Services

How We Start

How We Work

Codiac is combine of our decade experience of empowering the communities, building products to increase their economic value and connect them with markets and we optimizing the scale with technology.

How We Help You ?

Integrated Solution Services

We are committed to providing integrated, high-quality, long-term and sustainable agribusiness development activities based on community strengthening and the potential of local agribusiness commodities.

Multiparty Partnership

Develop activities that involve various stakeholder groups. With this method we will have a comprehensive understanding and modeling some solution acurately

Post Program

We Believe a Sustainability program is a process of endurance for a group after assistance. We will ensure that each group we accompany can continue and develop. As part of the exit strategy, the independence of our partners is an indicator of the success we set. We will work with partners to formulate the target of group business independence in accordance with the characteristics of their business.

Develop Stakeholder Capacity

We are committed to encouraging our Partners to develop its capacity in a sustainable manner, both for its organization and its HR. Shelter, training and outsourcing activities will be carried out to meet these objectives.

Our Product

Community Development Technical Assistance Capacity Building Research Design and Strategic Planning Assesment Monitoring and Evaluation System Implementation Certification Assistance.



We understand your customer demanding more information about the origins of the commodities, hence as part of we provide you a tools to trace commodities history along with the supply chain process.

Aligning with Traceability we also provide a supply chain service to manage the commodities coming to your premises with sound and good conditions.
We give an easiness to deal with us, realibility and transparancy.

We Help You from Scratch to The End

Benefits for Village Enterprise


When someone were asking about the result of your CSR program, Most of them will show you a building, Bridge or another Physical infrastructure.
How about your Sustainability Program?
The big challenge for company when enrolling the CSR program is on how to create a community economic sustainability.
This is the reason our existance, The Codiac will help your CSR to create a community economic sustainability by enhance the Program to the NEXT LEVEL. is helping you to enroll your CSR Program in full cycle to be sustain and giving an impact to the farmers or local society we call it “The Next Level of Community Development“